A case for Video Verification. Recently, late at night, a group of thieves wandered onto an Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. customer’s car lot. Criminals like these see outdoor businesses as easy targets. In this incident, a portable Video Verification was deployed, arrests were made, and no cars were damaged due to the security system in place. If you have a business with tools, equipment, or stock that cannot be secured overnight, then it’s time to inquire about a video verification system. This is an affordable option whereby the motion sensor and security cameras do not require a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and may be placed almost anywhere. The purpose of this equipment is to alert our central station that someone is on-site, where they are not supposed to be. Our trained staff will notify the authorities when an event occurs.

[responsive_youtube YCj6gsGrlm8]

The video above shows multiple persons on a car lot at night when the gates are up.
Five individuals were arrested for trespassing.

For most retail businesses, profitability is achieved by protecting inventory. Car dealerships typically have thousands of dollars’ worth of cars sitting on large open lots. According to ucr.fbi.gov, $4.1 billion dollars’ worth of vehicles was stolen in the U.S during 2013. Auto business owners have the complex task of dealing with threats from many points of entry and the possibility of employees copying keys. Patrolling hundreds of square feet of space, 24/7 with security guards, is not always a cost-effective option. Active electronic security measures provide an affordable alternative.

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Car lots are difficult to protect during non-operating hours.

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